Please read, checkbox and submit the online counselling consent form.

    Please read through, check the box at the end and submit as your consent to begin online counselling.

    I understand that the use of technology such as email, video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, Whereby) and phone (textng, Whatsapp) for counselling/psychotherapy comes with certain limitations and risks as well as benefits. I agree to supply my own equipment to facilitate the use of these technologies for counselling, and I understand that ExpatCounsellingNow can provide no technical assistance or advice. I understand there are no additional charges for the use of this technology.

    I understand that communicating via the Internet is not 100% secure. If I have questions or concerns I have discussed these with Scott.

    I understand that my counsellor will do all that is within his ability to maintain confidentiality. I recognize that the use of third-party software involves small risks which are related to their security arrangements and as such out of the control of ExpatCounsellingNow. I also agree that Scott Langston shall not be held responsible in the event that any outside party breaches the distance platform or other security and accesses my personal or confidential information.

    I agree not to use the remote platform as a method to contact my counsellor in case of an emergency and that I must use other means of communication that is arranged by my counselor, and I have provided my counsellor with that information (email, telephone).

    I will be accountable to provide a safe and confidential location for myself when having a session with Scott remotely. I will join the meeting at the agreed upon appointment time using the link provided to me and I will make arrangements to have no distractions or interruptions at my location during the session.

    I am aware that our communication will be kept in the strictest confidence and may only be disclosed with my permission, to those I specify. Neither one of us shall make a recording of the session without discussion with the other person first. I am aware, however, of the few exceptions for which Scott Langston may need to divulge information regarding our sessions. (listed in the Privacy Policy page of this site)

    Counseling for private clients for first sessions are normally 1.5 hours in length, and 50-minute follow ups. In the event of an early termination of the session due to a technical problem, an attempt will be made by both myself and Scott to reconnect and complete the session during the scheduled time. In the event of early termination of the session due to a distraction or interruption at the location from which I am calling, I agree to pay the full session rate that has been agreed upon in advance, and I will contact my counselor to schedule another session, if required.

    I agree to give my counselor 48 hours notice by phone or email if I need to cancel or reschedule a remote session (I understand that exceptions are made in the case of emergencies on a case-by-case basis). In the event that I have not cancelled or rescheduled and I do not complete the call at the agreed upon appointment time, the session will be treated as a “no show” appointment and I will pay Scott Langston the usual session fee.

    By checking this box and clicking submit, I agree to these conditions.I agree to these conditions for online counselling with Scott Langston at ExpatCounsellingNow.

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