Student Support Package

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

If you are a student, then well done for getting through some very odd times since March 2020! If you are a school counsellor seeing students who need some systematic support, then the same thing to you.

ExpatCounsellingNow offers a 5-session student support package (5x 20/30 minutes support sessions over 5 weeks). And no, you do not have to be an expat. This package is also available to university students.

As a service aimed at mental health, for the whole of the 2022-2023 academic year, this package will cost only 200 euros.

Counselling for a range of issues: anxiety, loneliness, homesickness, depression, self-harm, self-esteem

You choose when to start, what times suit you and how often to have sessions. All the flexibility and support you need, in your hands. You can start right away, using holiday down-time to integrate your experiences and set yourself up for a successful new school year, or opt to get support as you start your studies again.

The details

Multifaceted counselling is available – text, video, email

No. of Sessions – 5

Total Session Duration – 300 Mins

Validity – 70 days

Mode- Video Chat / Audio Call / Whatsapp or Skype chat

Medium – Whatsapp/Skype/ Whereby

Cost: 200 euros

Terms and conditions:

Use the contact page to take the first step. For students in full time education, with or without a referral from their school, the first 30 minute consultation is FREE. A parent or guardian must sign a consent form and confirm on video chat that this is an approved arrangement for their son/daughter.

Provide either your phone no. (with country code) and active Whatsapp, your Skype name or your email address. I will send you an acknowledgement via your chosen platform. I will reply to emails within 18 hours and to text messages within 12 hours (but usually much more quickly, once I know you and your time zone.)

My text availability is from 8am to 8pm UTC+01:00 (currently the same as London time and one hour behind Paris time).